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Hardcopy booklet for those who want a nice printed copy instead of a pdf printed out on their home printer.

Hardcopy booklet for "Japonism and the Impressionists" interview
Hardcopy booklet for "Japonism and the Impressionists" interview
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Actually, the book is $8.95, plus $4 shipping and handling. So $12.95 is the total price you'll see at checkout.

ISBN 978-0-9970852-2-8

You can get the pdf for free at the samples page but you might want to have the booklet either because...
  1. You like the handy format.
  2. You want to offer the booklet as a present.
  3. You want to support us by buying something from us.
  4. You don't have a printer or don't want to use your own ink and paper.

Instructions for downloading the mp3s are on the inside cover.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. (We have these printed after we receive the order.)

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