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Out of stock : La chevre de M. Seguin - read by Fernandel

La chevre de M. Seguin - read by Fernandel
La chevre de M. Seguin - read by Fernandel
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The is the wonderful story of Mister Seguin's goat, who is romantic, a free spirit, a one-of-a-kind, who cannot suffer the stale grass of the barnyard!

A note from Dave : to entice you to buy this CD, here is a free download of the whole text (click on the pdf icon), in French, with line-by-line English translation. Great for French learners!

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CD - La chevre de M. Seguin and other stories by Alphonse Daudet, read by Fernandel A delightful reading by Fernandel from 1954. There are 4 stories here: La chevre de Monsieur Seguin, Le cure de Cucugnan, La mule du Pape, Le secret de Maitre Cornille. This CD is 50 minutes long. The stories are fun because they are short and funny and Fernandel's reading is fantastic. He has a noticeble Provencial accent, which fits these stories.