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French shadowing/echoing resource: French beekeeper interview

Beekeeper interview
Beekeeper interview
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Product Description

This is a tool for people who like to shadow (what we often call "echoing") Shadowing is a method that can be used by persons who don't normally "have time" for other methods.

What you get : 30-page booklet. This is the transcript and line-by-line English translation with footnotes.

Original interview CD

Slowed-down CD (original interview slowed-down electronically)

Slow echoing CD (to help you improve your oral gymnastics. You'll be echoing the speakers on this CD.)

Pronunciation and Accent Tips CDs : 2 CDs in which I go through the whole interview track by track and give you pointers to help you avoid accent and pronunciation mistakes that you may be making without realizing it.

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I hope you enjoy the recordings ! - David Tolman

PS - if you need the MP3 links, email me after purchasing. I will send you the links for the MP3s and for the first few pages of the transcript in PDF.

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