Do you know French but have a hard time getting the words out during conversation?
SOLUTION: You need to think in French instead of thinking in English and trying to translate into French. Translating takes too long and causes too many errors. But thinking in French is easy. In my email newsletter, you'll learn new French thoughts to add to your "French Thought Library." As you add to that store of ideas, your French will "smooth out" because you'll have the French thought in the top of your mind; there won't be any need to look for the English words and then translate them into French. The newsletter is free and we'll never share or sell your email address. Ever. The lessons are based on samples from our recordings, but the things you'll learn will help you forever, even if you never buy any of our interviews.
-David Tolman
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David Tolman

David Tolman

When I returned from France in 1991, there was no internet. There was no source of translated interviews. But that is what I needed to keep my French in tune after I returned back to the US.

Much later, after I had been working for a few years, I poured my savings into "Fluent French Audio" and hired French radio journalists to conduct interviews on all sorts of subjects.

If you want to improve your French in a fun way, I bet we have an interview you could learn from!

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Your first sample: a couple from Toulouse talks about the "Woman acceptation factor"


un couple toulousain

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